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Section 21 Under Review- Big Shake-Up For Landlords

Section 21

Section 21 under review- Big shake-up for landlords

The government will debate on abolishing section 21 evictions in England.

This would mean private landlords would no longer be able to evict tenants from their properties at short notice and without good reason.

Landlords have the right currently to get rid of tenants with as little as 2 months notice after a fixed-term contract has ended.

It has been reported section 21 had become one of the leading causes of family homelessness.

What is Section 21?

Legal process landlords must follow if they want to evict their tenant – however under current rules, they don’t have to provide a reason to kick the tenant out after their tenancy ends. In many cases entire families – have been evicted without reason. Many of these people had reported issues with their living conditions – such as poor health and safety and mould.

New Proposal 

Under the new proposal, landlords seeking to evict tenants would have to use the section 8 process, which can be implemented when a tenant has fallen into rent arrears, has been involved in criminal or antisocial behaviours or has broken terms of the rent agreement such as damaging the property.

However this proposal have angered landlords, as the no-fault eviction rules had been used as a way to circumvent lengthy court delays when landlords needed to evict tenants when they fell into arrears.

If this proposal goes through, it could become the final “nail in the coffin” as some landlords will look to sell-up especially with all the recent changes the government has implemented in the last few years.

Currently there are approximately 4m households in England that rent in the private sector and there is fear that with this recent proposal accommodation will disappear from the market.